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Full Title or Meme

An Application Program Interface API in the area of Identity and Information Sharing.


Within the context of establishing and maintaining a Trusted Identity in Cyberspace different digital entities will need to exchange information in a machine readable format. These exchanges can be represented as a Network Protocol on the way that the data flows among the various entities, or as an Application Program Interface for how one entity exposes the protocol to the network. This page is about the later.

There are three broad areas of sharing that occur in the maintenance of an Identity Ecosystem: credentials, grants and Information Sharing. In the case of credentialing, there is a huge asymmetry between the manner in which a web provider is expected to share credential versus an individual Subject, what teaches us to separate the types of API into these four categories.

  1. Federation or credential sharing and verification among web providers,
  2. Authentication or credential sharing and Assurance from an individual.
  3. Granting of consent by a Subject to a web site to act in its behalf, or as a fiduciary of the subjects property.
  4. Information Sharing including the reporting of information held by a web site on behalf of a Subject.