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|[[SAML 2.0]]||AuthN ||SAML2||OASIS-open.org
|[[SAML 2.0]]||AuthN ||SAML2||OASIS-open.org
|W3C Credential Community || || || [https://w3c-ccg.github.io/did-spec/ DID], verified claims
|W3C Credential Community ||Distributed || || [https://w3c-ccg.github.io/did-spec/ DID], verified claims
|Web AuthN ||IAP or RP ||aka FID02 ||released under W3C
|Web AuthN ||IAP or RP ||aka FID02 ||released under W3C

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On the Identity Management page different roles are defined for Entities.


The following table is the known authentication providers and some of their characteristics. Updates and corroboration are encouraged.

  • Category is "User" where user has complete control, "OpenID" for providers that require user permission to release information. The rest are closed in the sense that users have limited control over the release of their information. Some provide OpenID as an option when an alternate is shown.
  • Some sites are not authenticators, like CA (certificate authorities) or OAuth (authorization).
  • Many more sites exist, some are listed on the OpenID certification page. Auth0 may offload all their AuthN to Google.
Company Location Cat Recent News
AT&T Cloud First Responders
Alert Enterprise
Auth0 Bellevue, WA Google Certified OpenID Auth0 raises $55M to fuel the identity management company’s international expansion 2018-05-15
Authen2cate IDEF registered
Amazon Seattle Closed Mostly for ecommerce sites
CA Technologies Closed and OpenID SiteMinder (SSO and API gateway is Certified OpenID) part of Broadcom
Consentua KI demo
Dell (RSA) SecurID Patented original time-based One-Time Password Authenticator, only they could provide Authentication server or code while on patent
Digicert CA IDEF registered
DigiMe KI demo
ENTRUST used by First tech CU and others
Facebook OpenID
Forge Rock OpenID Certified OpenID
Google OpenID Certified OpenID FIDO WebAuthN https://myaccount.google.com/
Gluu Certified OpenID
IBM Premise IBM Cognos Series 7
Identity Server 4 DE OpenID or OAuth Certified OpenID also available as OSS
ID.me Affinity IDEF registered
IDEMAI.COM merger of Oberthur Technologies (OT) and Safran Identity & Security (Morpho) Augmented Identity is about using the biometric characteristics of each person as a unique signature of individual identity
Janrain Certified OpenID but only for RP
Mastercard Digital Identity: The System Restore of Trust
Microsoft AD Cloud and Premise Certified OpenID Also ADFS federation service
Microsoft Passport MSFT or Office Closed or OpenID Started with Hotmail now covers most MSFT products - Confusing naming in part because of two separate authorities created with release of Office360
MojeID CZ OpenID Certified OpenID Will accept clients from anywhere in world
MorphoTrust eID IDEF registered - now part of IDEMIA
Okta Okta shares rise as sales top estimates in first report since IPO 2017-07-07
One Identity
One Logon SV Premise Cloud https://www.onelogin.com/status
Open Consent NY + UK Sal + Mark KI demo
Oracle Premise Cloud Certified OpenID for federation services
Ping Identity SV Premise OpenID Certified OpenID for federation services
Privo IDEF registered
Radiant Logic Premise also federated ID & CRM
Raidiam UK
Salesforce Certified OpenID, perhaps only for federation
Spec-Ops Password management
spring.io cloud java same? https://www.baeldung.com/spring-security-authentication-provider
Symantec VIP various IDEF registered - used by Fidelity, Ebay, PayPal and others
Tozny, LLC IDEF registered
Trunomi KI demo
Twitter OpenID
UbiSecure KI demo
VASCO DataSecurity IDEF registered as MYDIGIPASS
Verizon VZConnect Certified OpenID, perhaps only for federation
Yahoo Verizon OpenID


Note that some of these organizations are just associations of large Enterprises.

Name Type Category Notes
AAMVA Attribute driver's license just answers yes/no questions
Better ID Coalition Large US financial companies issued a Report
Center for Cybersecurity Policy
Distributed ID
FIDO Alliance UAF U2F Fast ID Online 1.2 specs dtd 2017
Kantata Initiative Federations UMA also Consent Receipt and IDEF
OAuth AuthZ Release under IETF
OpenID Foundation AuthN+AuthZ OpenID Connect OpenID Foundation
SAML 2.0 AuthN SAML2 OASIS-open.org
W3C Credential Community Distributed DID, verified claims
Web AuthN IAP or RP aka FID02 released under W3C
Univ. of MD Closed IDEF registered