Best Practice Security Roll-out to Consumers

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Full Title or Meme

This Best Practice is designed to show how user that are consuming resources at un-affiliated Providers can be give secure access to resources that are valuable to those user.


  • For consistency with other wiki pages this addresses users of services without the term consumer which is designed to istincuate these users from employees or other affiliated user that have contracts with the provider of the resources.



Roll out to banking customers in Brazil

Ralph Bragg (Raidiam) shared many posts and presented many webinars about the importance of security conformance testing for ecosystem assurance and interopability. Here it is in practice.

Brazil Banks were slow off the Mark but now are storming ahead in demonstrating their commitment to the highest of standards consumer safety in an Open Banking environment.

I’ve asked this question before regarding Open Banking implementation programmes, but is it actually possible to deliver an interopable, data sharing ecosystem that supports safe secure customer sharing and payment initiation in less than 12 months? So far Brazil seems right on track but we shall see when we release the functional conformance and certification programme how close to making this a reality the ecosystem is.

Anyone want to proffer an opinion? For my part, I think it is very doable with the right foundational standards and enabling central infrastructure and services.