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Full Title or Meme

Biometrics are literally the measures of the biologic phenotype of a User.


  • Biometric Attributes are taken to be exclusively the measure of human characteristics like fingerprint, facial and behavior patterns.
  • The human characteristics are another factor that can be a part of Multi-factor Authentication.
  • So the human characteristics can be considered to be a Credential.
  • The measurements of the characteristic are compared against a template of the characteristics using some Assurance level to produce a Validated claim.


  • False positives typically come from either relaxed testing, environmental noise or obsolete technology.
  • False negatives infuriate Users which is why false positives are tolerated.
  • Attacks against the sensor capabilities. Various movie and television plots have shown the attacks like taking someone's eyeball, or using a thin-film replica of a finger print to complete an Authentication which Authorizes access.
  • Attacks against the template store. Access to the Authentication data store can often be the simplest attack as it is based on known techniques.
  • Biometric Attributes attached to official documents may inadvertently become Biometric Identifiers which invade the user's privacy. See the wiki page Biometric Identifier for user cases where that has damaged a user's life.



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