Bootstrapping Identity and Consent

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Full Title or Meme

A ceremony must be performed to establish identifiers and contact information among communicating parties before any other interactions can commence.


  • Given the greatly increased legislation that enforces the privacy rights of users of digital communications, some means is needed to identify and contact the parties to a covered interchange.


  • Any identifying information about a user must not be released without that user's or a guardian's consent.
  • At the end of the ceremony all parties have agreed and consented to their respective identifiers, contact methods and a trust relationship among them.


User Identifier Provider in Cloud

  • Where the user is on a device and the user's Identifier or Attribute Provider (IAP) is in the cloud, that provider will also have, at a minimum, user contact information to enable user Recovery and Redress.
  • No restriction is placed on whether the user has ownership of the provider, or of their own information on the provider, for this solution to function as required.
  • The user navigates to the Resource service on the web, here called a Relying Party because it relies on information from the IAP.