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Full Title: (The meme or idea that is explicated by the page)

Building of a Wiki on Microsoft Azure with Minimal Effort

The Context:

A team that is working on a single problem or area of expertise but is separated by time or distance yet still needs to share information quickly with little extra effort is given a wiki to collect information as it is generated. Sharing is then automatic. Specifically this present site was created to establish community for any interested in online sharing of a user's identifiers, attributes, behaviors and inferences established thereby.

Author: Tom Jones 2018-05-08

The Problem:

Constructing a set of description pages on a site that can be modified by any person that is willing to establish a persistent identity.

At first it seemed like the logical choice was to build a MediaWiki instance that was part of the web site, but there were multiple challenges that were related to the manner that MediaWiki is designed, or evolved, into its present form. Specifically MediaWiki is a unified web site that depends upon a tight integration with a SQL data base during its entire lifecycle from initial create and updating as determined by Wikipedia from which is was derived. In that mode it can easily be built on an wide variety of infrastructures which are known in current jargon as IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service. The current site was created as a SaaS, or Software as a Service from the Azure cloud. After a great deal of effort to integrate MediaWiki into that site, it was abandon in favor of a separate IaaS implementation of MediaWiki without the use of Azure SQL services as described below.

The choice of MediaWiki as the solution (or infrastructure platform) was not a requirement for such a sharing environment. The Wikipedia model is well-known and used by many in the computer industry, but it has evolved over time and does not reflect what a new, "clean room" design might provide. Besides the lack of any modularity, as noted above, some of the internal structures are not user friendly. For example the method for building an maintaining a table is bizarre. Other solutions, like Google Docs, work well for an office environment, but not for collaboration. There are good collaboration tools, like

The Solution:

Parts of this solution were described by CGillum in his Dev Blog.

Creating the Wiki

  1. First create a Web "App Service" on the Azure Portal.

Maintaining the Wiki