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Full Title or Meme

Ever since Milton Freeman Capitalism has been primarily a widely distributed Ponzi Scheme.


  • Capitalism as been through a wide range of interpretations and manifestations since David Hume and Adam Smith. [1] defined an alternative to the zero sum politics of the Feudal age. They were right and an age of capital growth began that has itself gone through many iterations, but remains the dominant way for humans to organize themselves.
  • For most of this new age of capital, the capitalists consider themselves to be an integral part of society that shared in the burden of making the entire society healthy.


The primary problem with Capitalism is human nature. Some capitalists, including Henry Ford were benign despots that understood that they could not succeed unless society, as a whole, succeeded. Others were less altruistic but were not the dominant breed of capitalists.

  • As corporations, and governments, because larger and more unwieldy, bureaucrats were brought into "manage" the enterprise. Starting with Bismarck
  • The Journal of Business Ethics published from 1992 to 2018 when no one wanted to write or read about it any longer.
  • The major villain in this story is Milton Friedman of the Chicago School of Economics. His manifesto telling businesspeople that they should literally care about nothing other than profits and they had not additional responsibility to society whatever. [2]


  • Adam Smith
  • John Maynard Keynes
  • it comes down to time frame. One quarter, One Year, till my next promotion, till i retire, till my grandchildren start a life in the society i leave them.


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