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Full Title

It is mid 2021 and the forces working on Identity Management appear to be converging on religious wars.

The Happy Present

Clearly users did not like the idea of an entire book filled with user names and passwords, all of which were different because no one that held your secrets could be trusted to keep them secrets. What made the situation even worse was the well-meaning security folk that resulted in every web site have a different set of rules about how user names and password were constructed, complexity rules they were called, and complexity was the result for users.

The Reformation

The Counter-reformation

The Inquisition

The User

So where is the unhappy user in all this? The various religions all purport to be in the business of saving the user's private souls. But do either of combatants actually ask the user what they might prefer? Not yet it seems. None of the use cases from either side actually address the user experience. Every use case is must one more attempt at proving that the writer's religion is the best one.

The net effect of religious wars is just to proliferate the number of choices for the user and divide on side from the other. It is time for this to stop, but religious wars seem to be incapable of seeking unity.

Who can come up with a happy solution? The Greek theater came up with the "Deus Ex Machina", the god that descended from above with a hoist that was cranked by a stage hand.