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(A summary of the 3 categories now in NIST 800-63-3)
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===A summary of the 3 categories now in NIST 800-63-3===
A summary of each of the identity, authenticator, and federation assurance levels is provided below.
====Identity Assurance Level====
====Authenticator Assurance Level====
====Federation Assurance Level====

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Full Title or Meme

The Common Good consists of our shared values about what we owe one another as citizen who are bound together in the same society, the norms we voluntarily abide by and the ideals that we seek to achieve. If there is no Common Good there is no society.[1]




Assurance in Verticals

Health Care

European Financial


  1. Robert Reich, The Common Good. Chap 2 ISBN 978-0525520498

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