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Full Title or Meme

Consent Receipt generated by an IDESG compliant Identifier Provider


The current design of a Consent receipt is based on the theory of a transaction between a pii data controller and a pii data principle.

In the context of an IDESG identifier provider best practice it was based on a state at the IdP of a user immediately after a user initiated profile update.

Current draft of the Spec

Draft on which this implementation was based is listed below. In theory practice is the same as theory, in practice it is not.

Current draft of spec Version:1.1.0 DRAFT 83 Date:2018-02-20

Implementation on Microsoft ASP.NET Core 2 Web Site

Json output

 "version": "KI-CR-v1.1.0",
 "jurisdiction": "WA",
 "consentTimestamp": "",
 "collectionMethod": "user input",
 "consentReceiptID": "f4de5671-bd2c-4e54-b855-76f84f5b407e",
 "publicKey": null,
 "language": "en",
 "piiPrincipalId": null,
 "piiControllers": "IDESGidp",
 "policyUrl": "",
 "services": null,
 "sensitive": "false",
 "spiCat": null