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Full Title or Meme

Decentralization is one half cycle of any organization which is designed to restore invention. The other half of the cycle is Centralization which is designed to restore control, typically of costs. The cycle ends with death of the organism.


For Identity Management the cycle of organization has started in the age of the Internet with Decentralization to provide Resilience to the Centralized communications networks which failed when the center failed.

The ages of the Internet have been these:

  1. Internet 0 - decentralization was the point. Only the naming systems were centralized which was just for the convenience of the developers as the Internet only understood IP addresses.
  2. Web was just static content - still mostly decentralized
  3. Web 2 with the advent of active content the big guys were able to seized control of advertising dollars and hence the internet itself. (Now the web and the internet mean one and the same thing.
  4. Web 3 as a reaction against centralization several attempts have sprung up to give the "Power to the People". But the big guys have no intention of ceding their vast control as the following makes clear.

JackD Web3.png

The venture capitalist was originally just a couple of guys, usually in England, that pooled their money and invented something, like the Steam Engine. Starting in the mid 1900's the VC became its own thing and bankrolled the technology revolutions from Silicon Valley. Now they create Limited Partnerships (LP) that offer tax benefits to fund manager and eligible foreign investors to help stimulate venture capital investment and protect their profits. (Jack is the founder of Twitter and Square, now known as Block. That would make him the blockhead with Square as just one of the block with Tidal and presumably the blockchain endeavors yet to be disclosed.)


This section focuses on the problems of decentralization which is the current fad. The problems of centralization are the bogeyman that started the current wave.


Enjoy the ride. The alternative appears to be death.