Deploy MS SQL to AWS

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Deploying an instance of Microsoft SQL Server with ASP.NET core website to Amazon Web Services


  • Bring up a secure SQL server for use by a web site with a minimum of fuss.
  • At first the challenge is
  • The assumption here is that the design is not fully fleshed out as the User Experience needs to be functional before it can be fully evaluated.
  • Later the problem is to get the performance to be good while the deployment expands to multiple instances.


  • The largest part of the problem is not getting the SQL server to run, but rather to ensure that it is secure and accessible where required.



Connecting to SQL seems like a never ending black hole, The following link speaks to this group of problems:

  • Debugging the connection from SSMS on a Windows machine can best be tested with telnt id-addr port-number, where port-number = 1433 for SSMS.
    • If telnet is not enable on your computer got to control-panel > progams-and-features > features and check he box by telnet.
    • The most common reason for the telent error "Could not open connection to the host, on port 23: Connect failed" is observed to the firewall block telnet.exe.
    • If a telnet connection works, then a network connection was established, and the issue is likely caused by the user authentication to the database, such as user name and password