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(Taxonomy of Management Types)
(Taxonomy of Management Types)
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# [[Mobile Device Management]]
# [[Mobile Device Management]]
# Data Center Management
# Data Center Management
# [https://www.nist.gov/itl/applied-cybersecurity/nist-cybersecurity-iot-program Internet of Things]
# [[Internet of Things]]

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Full Title or Meme

Assuring that computing devices are properly configured.


For Identity and Access Management the device configuration of most interest is related to user and access identification and matching.

Taxonomy of Device Types

  • User Devices used to be just computers, but now are nearly all internet connected.
    • User owned devices
      • Managed by user (may also include apps that are provided and managed by an enterprise)
      • Managed by enterprise (aka BYOD or bring your own device)
    • Enterprise owned devices (typically managed by the Enterprise)
  • Web Server
  • Resource Server
  • Edge Devices (usually associated with 5G networks)
  • Mobile Device (typically a smart phone for the purposes of this wiki)
  • Internet of Things

Taxonomy of Management Types

  1. Mobile Device Management
  2. Data Center Management
  3. Internet of Things