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* This project serves as a incentive to assure that did methods can be testably secure and is tracked in the wiki page [[Open Source Security]].
* This project serves as a incentive to assure that did methods can be testably secure and is tracked in the wiki page [[Open Source Security]].
The current behaviors of SameSite are:
The current means to understand did:orb are:
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| Term || Meaning or Behavior  
| Term || Meaning or Behavior  

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Full Title

Description of the did:orb method implementation.


still working on the implementation. I can let you know once we have the basics ready.


The current means to understand did:orb are:

Term Meaning or Behavior
claim An assertion made about a subject. (This can only be considered true if the term subject is interpreted very broadly.)
subject A thing about which claims are made.(Complete circulate - no real meaning at all.)
user agent A program, such as a browser or other Web client, that mediates the communication between holders, issuers, and verifiers. (This does not match DID core well at all.)
validation The assurance that a verifiable credential or a verifiable presentation meets the needs of a verifier and other dependent stakeholders.

The Implementation

Troy Ronda (SecureKey) 2021-05-04

In other news, we also pushed the first pre-release 0.1 version of vct and orb. It’s still early days - this is really a pre-release focused on early integration.


We’ll soon bring up a third dev domain so we can start seeing announcements.

Notice the canonical ID for that DID example above: 


Did not run because go version files.

  • Remove all GO and reinstall 1.16.3

then add these to ~/.profile

export GOROOT=/usr/local/go
export GOPATH=$HOME/go
export PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$GOROOT/bin:$PATH
  • Makefile is using abspath in call to frapsoft/openssl with is two unacknowledged dependencies in did:orb code.

Software Bill of Materials

In response to Executive Order on Cybersecurity these are the components that were required to build the product. It is not clear which parts actually provide code to the finished product, but they all contributed to the building of the finished product. Where finished product includes the certificates and other support files.

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • sudo apt update - on 21-05-13 this installed 20 updates just in the past one month including many library as well as paython3
  • GoLang 1.16.3
  • frapsoft/openssl
  • Docker
  • Docker-compose (both from docker-desktop)
  • mysql:8.0.24

Responses to the Order

With in a day the Linux Foundation had responded with rosy predictions.