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Full Title or Meme

Digital Advertising has become so personalized by the advent of Big Data that it makes us, its target, uncomfortable.


The Presentation Experience at nearly every Web Site has become a creepy retrospective of our past inquiries and other Web Site visits.


  • Many new Browsers, like Brave, and search engines, like DuckDuckGo, have arisen to block tracking, which is good, but perhaps not what we really want. The existing browsers, like Chrome, have a private mode, but is not so convenient to switch from one mode to another.

Beside unsavory sites where we do not want others to know of our interest, we all have other private spaces, like banking and legal where we feel that our business, should remain our business and not be exposed.

As described on the page, Community and Privacy, we may want to be private at some times and social at others. The problem for us humans is that we know when we need to be discreet in the physical world, but we lack the markers in the digital world know when we need to be discreet. One example of private space is available on Windows 11 where you can enable more than one desktop, so you can have one for work, one for social interactions and a third for private interactions, where banking and legal would reside. The big deal is not the difference in security and privacy, which has always been available as separate user accounts, but the ease in switching modes.