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The Eventful Universe is a model based on a focus on the events that happen between objects in the universe.


Thomas C. Jones




Models of the universe typically focus on the externes of very large or very small elements, like collisions of galaxies or of photons and electrons. These are both events between identified objects, which are called entities in computer science. But the models immediately assume a set of facts about one particular mathematical set of assumptions like continues and well defined space and time. Int these models connects like Lagrangian or Hamiltonian are precise. In contrast this article will focus on the events themselves, rather than the commonly accepted assumptions, at least so far as time in concerned. That means that no mathematical formula that include time as a variable will be assumed to hold. The major theme of this article is that if physics wants to learn about how evolution can provide answers to open issued, then the best place to look is at places where evolution has been applied. Machine learning has already learned that evolution can bring new techniques and insights.

The Model

What Purpose do Clocks Serve

It is informative to consider why clocks are used in computer systems and to see that there are lessons to be learned.