Federal Government IT Intentions

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Full Title or Meme

It is interesting to compare Federal Government IT Intentions with reality. There is always a gap.

US Federal Intentions

President-elect Joe Biden's transition team announced that open source software developer David Recordon has been named the White House Director of Technology. The team said his nearly 20-year career has focused on the intersection of technology, security, open source software, public service, and philanthropy. Recordon also was the first Director of White House Information Technology (IT) during the Obama administration, with IT modernization and cybersecurity his priorities. His agenda during the Biden presidency will include getting a grip on next-generation technology like Facial Recognition, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics. Recordon wrote on LinkedIn: "The pandemic and ongoing cybersecurity attacks present new challenges for the entire Executive Office of the President, but ones I know that these teams can conquer in a safe and secure manner together."