General Theory of Living Systems

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Full Title or Meme

In order for there to be any successful digital ecosystem, there must first be a general theory of living systems that we can use a template to build such a theory.


Bayesian Identity Proofing provides the means for a collection of authentication and verification steps to be validated.



Taxonomy of Levels

Level Name Contents Cat Explanation for category
1 identifier unique within the db 1 required for internal lookups
2 Boolean 1 yes = active, no = inactive (entries are never deleted)
3 numeric 1 (1)individual, (2)organization (can be a parent), (3) pseudonym (avoid any linkage)
4 link (exactly one) 2 link to an organization in this db, the default parent is the IDESG root entry
5 code 1 0=none, 1= member in good standing, 2=candidate for membership, 3=suspended or resigned
6 link (zero or more) 1 none, registered member, member of the parent member, voting member of the parent, site admin
7 Type 3 0=untyped, 1=prohibited, 2=allowed, 3=digest only
ui locales URI 3 User's preferred languages, represented as a space-separated list of BCP47 [RFC5646] language tag values, ordered by preference. For instance, the value "fr-CA fr en" represents a preference for French as spoken in Canada, then French (without a region designation), followed by English (without a region designation).
Stipulation link to document (zero or more) 2 User accepted stipulation on privacy, ToU, IPR or other policy together with any user response