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(Taxonomy of Levels)
(Taxonomy of Levels)
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===Taxonomy of Levels===
===Taxonomy of Levels of connected Systems===
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| Level || Name || Typical use||  User Experience  
| Level || Name || Typical use||  User Experience  

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In order for there to be any successful digital ecosystem, there must first be a general theory of living systems that we can use a template to build such a theory.


Bayesian Identity Proofing provides the means for a collection of authentication and verification steps to be validated.



Taxonomy of Levels of connected Systems

Level Name Typical use User Experience
1 Chip Management of Computer Only by Administrators
2 Board Computer Internet of Things Room temperature or video surveillance
3 Single Processor Computer Accessing Web Sites Simple Queries of web
4 Multiple Processor Computer Local processing Mobile or Desktop device that maintains user info
5 Data Center Collection of computers in a single location Only by Administrators
6 Cloud (single owner) Social Network Interaction of user searches and tracking
7 Internetwork of Clouds Maintenance of Names User cannot access desired resourced for security reasons