Governance Framework

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Full Title or Meme

An abstraction of a set of compliance conditions for an organization to functions.


The essential problem with the Internet is the assumption that people left to their own private impulses will do good. The reality of a lack of governance is clear in those spaces where there is no control over peoples actions. The space always is reduced to the primal behavior of greed and nastiness of one for the other.


In the context of Identity Management, a Governance Framework deals primarily with Community and Privacy in the digital world.


Data Governance

  • The Data Governance Roadmap from the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).
    Standardization solutions will result in a higher quality of data and trust in access mechanisms, and ensure that tools being deployed are ethical, fair and lawful. It addresses 1. Quality, 2. Trust and 3. Ethics.
  • Data governance is a term wide in scope with origins in information management, centring on best practices for data collection, storage, archiving and purging. Common elements of data governance include Collection, Privacy, Usage, Synthesis/Analysis, Control, Publication, Storage and Archiving/ Disposal. (from the SCC reference above.)