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Full Title or Meme

Sovereign states have a monopoly of use of force in its jurisdiction.


  • Each government can create departments of a variety of sorts which can be granted some subset of the government's sovereign powers.
  • For US State governments, it has been common for each agency to create their own customer/stakeholder lists with identity and sign-in.



Some Satus as of 2021-12-02

Kristina Yasuda to Everyone
UAE seems to have the best digital ID app
Singapore refused to accept paper certs that Japanese gov issued
so if you are a vaccinated Japanese flying to Singapore, and only have a paper one, you need 14 day quarantine
btw doing NFC phone to phone for mDL is really awkward

7:11 AMTorsten Lodderstedt to Everyone
bumping phones instaed of fists :-)

7:13 AMKristina Yasuda to Everyone
oh yeah, new way to do greetings :D

7:15 AMKristina Yasuda to Everyone
UAE is the same - I think your national ID card itself is a credit card lol

7:15 AMTorsten Lodderstedt to Everyone
and the government will pay your debts ;-)

7:16 AMKristina Yasuda to Everyone
wish mDL ecosystem would be the same
log into OIDC to get an mDL

John Bradley - Chile requires National ID on every credit card receipt, which make identity theft a national crime.