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Full Title or Meme

Best Practice example of a Native Application designed for a modern Smart Phone.


Matching patient health care records and interoperability among EHR have been hard problems to address. Much of the focus has been on the health care providers rather than the patient. But now the patient has guaranteed access to their medical records, they might be able to overcome some of the resistance to sharing seen today. Patient control of the distribution of medical records would give patients both the appearance and the reality of limited access to private health care information. This example of a patient-oriented Native App for them to host on their personal Smart Phone is designed to show how patients might be the best answer to health care sharing in any case.


In the absence of a single payer health care network, the US is blessed with a plethora of solutions, but plagued with the resultant lack of interoperability.


Information Sharing

It is generally agreed that it is better for doctors to have a full set of patient health histories to enable adequate care, especially in life-or-death emergency cases. This sample relies on patient for acquiring and distributing both health care on emergency contact information.

Federated Trust Anchor

  • It is likely that a single anchor for a country's health ecosystem is required where any patient or provider can learn the status of any Web Site by providing metadata about the entity that operates the Web Site from a Federation Trust Registry.
  • It is likely that the entity operating the Web Site will not be the health service Provider, and so a "On-behalf-of" Identifier is likely to be required as well.

Patient's Rights

Deborah C. Peel, MD Founder and President Patient Privacy Rights

Patient Experience

The best Patient Experience is likely to be enabled by giving the patients the choice of which app to host on their phone based on their own experience with phone apps.

Emergency Contact Example

. See an evolving example of this use case at