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Full Title or Meme

A process (usually expressed as an algorithm) for seeking a better solution.


Bayesian Identity Proofing provides the means for a collection of authentication and verification steps to be validated.


Ensuring that any solution remains optimal by continually Hunting for better ones near the current one.


  • A conservative Hunting algorithm will seek only solutions near to the current one.
  • A liberal Hunting algorithm will seek further afield for better solutions.
  • As in politics, a conservative algorithm will result in less Disruption and will often get trapped by local maxima, just as a hill climbing algorithm will.
  • As in politics, a liberal solution will be needed when the conservative solutions diverge to far from the higher level goals by gradual Evolution.
  • As in politics, a conservative algorithm will eventually result in the destruction of the system by external Disruption or revolution from within.
  • As in politics, a constant (but acceptable) shifting between liberal and conservative algorithms will provide adaption of the solution without unacceptable Disruption.