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Full Title or Meme

An identifier is basically a name that is assigned to a digital Entity or even to a single digital interchange (like a Session ID or cookie).


  • In this wiki all Identifiers apply only to digital entities which includes data base entries, like User Objects. Real-world names are considered to be merely Attributes.
  • There is no meaningful distinction between a name and an Identifier.


  • There is a very real confusion in the real-world as to the meaning of terms used in Identity Management.
  • Lots of the energy spent by philosophers revolves around verbalism, or arguing about the meaning of words.
  • The page on Knowledge discusses these problems in more detail. (tl;dr)


This wiki seeks to have a common understanding. So terms are given more precise meaning in order that the statements made here can be more logically precise.

These should all be testable on at least one of: