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(Abstract Subjects)
(Abstract Subjects)
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[[User]], [[Subject]], [[Principal]] are all synonyms at one level or another. [[User]] is preferred when a live human being is intended.
[[User]], [[Subject]], [[Principal]] are all synonyms at one level or another. [[User]] is preferred when a live human being is intended, [[Subject]] when unclear.

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Full Title or Meme

This is a list of terms and the way that they are used on this wiki.

Purpose and Scope

  • This page is designed to lead users to the right page on this wiki. The terms are defined precisely in the way that the are used on this wiki and will assuredly differ from usages on other sites, which are not consistent.
  • This site focuses on rich text sites rather than voice or email interchanges.


Interchanges among (1) users, (2) identifier and attribute providers, and (2) relying parties. Not part of this context are other trusted third parties.

Real World Subjects


User is the subject that is trying to access resources on the internet.

Business provides goods or services in the real or digital world. It is not otherized to use force beyond its own physical real-estate.

Government is a sovereign entity that uses force within its jurisdiction to enforce its laws and regulations.

Site or web site is a target of some interaction.


This is a list of all the non-governmental initiated interactions on the internet. The first entity is the initiator and the second the responder. While C2C is conceivable, it is not yet widespread beyond email and voice.

C2B = consumer to business.

C2G = consumer to government.

B2B = business to business.

B2G = business to government.

List of High-level Functions

These functions will likely be used in different combinations by any real world digital entity.

Claimant is a real-world entity that claims ownership of some set of identifiers and attributes.

Resource is a function of a site that authorizes access based on grants from verified user claims.

Provider is a function of a site that

Entity is a named digital site on the internet that will host one or more functions.

List of Low-level Functions





List of Roles

User Agent is a role of a digital entity that operates only on behalf and at the consent of the user. It may be on a device or in the cloud.

Relying Party is a role that can operate as a client of the user if it is granted the right to do so.

Identifier or Attribute Provider is a role that can provide verified identifier or attributes that apply to a User.

Abstract Subjects

General Theory of Living Systems

Identity Model

Laws of Security


User, Subject, Principal are all synonyms at one level or another. User is preferred when a live human being is intended, Subject when unclear.