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Full Title or Meme

People do not want to run their own servers, and never will.[1]


  • Web3 is Inconvenience reified.[2] The term was coined by Gavin Wood[3] to encompass a movement among the programing cognoscenti to move away from the centralized control acquired by big tech like Google and FaceBook.


  • With the shift to mobile, we now live firmly in a world of clients and servers – with the former completely unable to act as the latter – and those questions seem more important to me than ever. Meanwhile, Ethereum actually refers to servers as “clients,” so there’s not even a word for an actual untrusted client/server interface that will have to exist somewhere, and no acknowledgement that if successful there will ultimately be billions more clients than servers.[1]
  • NFTs were designed to be web3 objects, but it seems that servers, like Open Sea have dictatorial control of what NFTs will actually appear in your wallet. How is that possible in a Decentralized Ecosystem?


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