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Full Title or Meme

Constructed to avoid blockages, the Internet has exceeded all expectations. Now laws, and governments themselves, are just blockages to human Individualism.


The new American Populism and a resurgent White Nationalism had there counterparts in other countries too. Whatever their political differences, they shared a political style. In a time of accelerating change both the far left and the far right came to understand history itself as a plot. An understanding advanced by the very formlessness of the Internet; anonymous and impatient. Online the Universe appeared to be nothing so much as an array of patterns in search of an explaination. Provide to people unwilling to trust any authority but their own fevered, reckless and thrill-seeking political imagination.

Wired spring 2000 announced that the Internet had, in fact, already healed a divided America "We are, as a nation, better educated more tolerant and more connected because of, not inspire of, the convergence of the Internet and public life Partisanship, religion, geography, race, gender and other tractional political divisions are giving way to a new standard "Wiredness" as an organizing principle for political and social attitudes."