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Where Keys, Certificates and Bindings can be found on each Operating system.


Physical Logical store Description
My Personal certificates associated with a private key controlled by the user or computer.
Root Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificates from implicitly trusted certification authorities (CAs).
 ?? Enterprise Trust certificate trust lists typically used to trust self-signed certificates from other organizations.
CA Intermediate Certification Authorities certificates issued to subordinate CAs in the certification hierarchy.
 ?? Active Directory User Object the user object certificate or certificates published in Active Directory.
TrustedPublisher Trusted Publishers certificates from trusted CAs.
 ?? Untrusted Certificates certificates that have been explicitly identified as untrusted.
Root Third-Party Root Certification Authorities trusted root certificates from CAs outside the internal certificate hierarchy.
TrustedPeople Trusted People certificates issued to users or entities that have been explicitly trusted.
ADDRESSBOOK Other People s certificates issued to users or entities that have been implicitly trusted.
My Certificate Enrollment Requests pending or rejected certificate requests.
FlightRoot Preview Build Roots
TestSignRoot Test Roots
eSIM Certification Authorities eSIM Certification Authorities
Homegroup Machine Certificates Homegroup Machine Certificates
Remote Desktop Remote Desktop
REQUEST Certificate Enrollment Requests