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[[Category: Hardware]]
[[Category: Hardware]]
[[Category: Security]
[[Category: Security]]

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Full Title or Meme

Mobile Security refers to mobile devices that contain secrets that should not be disclosed even if the mobile device is misplaced.


The canonical Mobile Security devices are:

  1. a Smart Card with some internal key storage space.
  2. a smartphone with an ARM processor that contains a Secure Enclave.


  • The Motorola Solutions LEX11 and related devices.
  • Many mobile management solutions like Microsoft or Samsung Knox.
  • Knox Vault is an EAL5+ certified, tamper-resistant environment that holds the data that matters most on your device. It physically isolates PINs, passwords, biometrics and security-critical keys away from the rest and stores them in the secure memory. This is only available on high-end devices.
    • Knox Vault on devices with Samsung Exynos processors is EAL5+ certified.
    • Knox Vault on devices with Qualcomm processors is EAL4+ certified.
    • In the case of a device hijacking, the self-destruct sequence is initiated without user consent or additional backup of the security data stored in Knox Vault.