NIST SP 800-63-3C

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Full Title

NIST Special Publication 800-63-3C -- Digital Identity Guidelines -- Federation and Assertions


  • The context for these comments is the first revision of this specification published on 2017-06.
  • Federation is largely limited to the identity of the industry association that has created a set of specifications to be verified by the Identifier.


Listed by Section

  • Section 4
  1. The term "Bearer Assertions" is used but not defined until sexton 6.1 on Assertion Binding. It is an unfortunate term in the sense that it looks like it might reference a Bearer Token of OAuth which is known to be a security risk if captured and reused by an attacker. It isn't until section 6.1.2 paragraph 2 that is clearly defined in a back-handed sort of way. That is by way of errata which asserts that the assertion must be signed by the IdP. It would be clearer if this requirement were presented front and center as THE KEY FEATURE of an assertion.