Nodal Point

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Full Title or Meme

A point in time when everything seems to be in flux. It might be possible to detect a Model Point before it occurs, but not to predict the outcome.


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    It's all going to change. We're coming up on the mother of all nodal points. I can see it, now it's all going to change. Last time we had one like this was in 1911.


  • Even though Laney could predict when a Nodal Point was coming, he had no idea how it wold play out.
  • What we call The Internet has hit several inflection points, commonly called: The World Wide Web, web2 and now web3?
  • Democracy itself is in a state of crises[1] which is created when the old is dying and the new cannot be born. The interregnum is a period of great tumult. (2022)


  • Even my dog notices when things are not right. His behavior telegraphs his concern that something is about to change that the dog does not understand.
  • The conversion from web2 to web3 seems like a Nodal Point, or not. I am not Lacey.
  • Certainly I can predict that wide Artificial Intelligence adoption will be a Nodal Point.


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