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Authenticators are devices in the user possession that can generate a one-time password.


  • Security Dynamics invented and patented the "Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm" which has since come off-patent and standardized as RFC 6238 in May 2011.


Give users a hand-held device that can generate password for access to secure accounts.


  • The original Security Dynamics (later RSA, now Dell) Authenticator was a small hand held device that continually generated a password every (eg 30) seconds that could be sync'd with the server.
  • Now Microsoft, Google and others offer Authencators as Smart Phone Native Apps.

The following is a list of some of the Authentictors now in use.

  1. RSA SecurID is the original device. It came in multiple form factors.
  2. Symantec VIP Security Card size of a credit card.
  3. Symantec VIP Security Token size of a key fob.
  4. Feitian MultiPass FIDO Security Key
  5. Google Authenticator Native App