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Full Title or Meme

This is an extension to the wiki page Progressive Web App to track evolving changes to the ways that PWA are initiated.


  • The goal of the PWA is to eliminate the need for native apps. While it is likely that some functions, like access to the keystone, will not be available for PWA, many other features a being added.
  • This page is specifically interested in tracking the ways tat a PWA service worker can be initiated from the browser (which includes some other PWA.)


PWAs as URL Handlers

  • Explainer - Even tho one of the goals is to keep the user in control of their own experience, this does not explain how tis would look to the user nor why this is good for user, but only for Microsoft and content owners.
  • This is designed to give more control to the PWA for registering URLs tat can be accessed from native apps running on the phone.
  • In particular the PWA can register for URLs that are not it its own scope. The new feature is that this is handled in the browser and not in the o/s so tat all platforms will work the same way.
  • But they want to have their cake and eat it too, so the o/s will field such a link. The issue seems to be Android using WebAPK . Because WebAPK s are recognized by the Android OS, Chrome PWAs are able to fully integrate with OS features like the app picker.)