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Full Title or Meme

A good Patient Experience is only created where the patient is informed and involved in their care plan.


healthcare interoperability has been a great pain point to date with one of the primary barriers being the lack of a true business incentive to compel providers and EHR developers to be “open” with this ever-so-important data. To this end, in recent proposed regulations, federal health leaders have clamped down, perhaps harder than ever before, in their ongoing effort to guide stakeholders to a world in which seamless health data exchange is the norm, rather than a rarity.


In the absence of a single payer health care network, the US is blessed with a plethora of solutions, but plagued with the resultant lack of interoperability.


Patient Histories

It is generally agreed that it is better for doctors to have a full set of patient health histories to enable adequate care, especially in life-or-death emergency cases.

FHIR, pronounced 'fire' is working on Information Sharing APIs, but has not yet dealt with Federated Trust.

User Research

  • The only way to judge the patient's satisfaction is to ask them.
  • The only way to improve the patient's satisfaction is to try different strategies and, again, ask for feedback.

Patient Care Plan

The best Patient Experience will come from empathy with the patients journey, including the fear and discomfort that they will inevitably experience.