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Full Title or Meme

Permissioned Blockchains can be seen as an additional blockchain security system, as they maintain an access control layer to allow certain actions to be performed only by certain identifiable participants.


  • Typically Blockchains will be public or private blockchains. Permissioned blockchains fit in between these.
  • The Permissioned Blockchain could be part of a federation or trust ecosystem where trust is shared by all the members of the ecosystem.
  • The term permissionless blockchain is a retronym which literally means everything less, but typically means a blockchain build on a public distributed ledger technology (DLT).


  • It is hard to trust a collection of blockchain miners that are entirely self-appointed and often migrate to opaque geopolitical areas, like China, where they can operate in secret.


  • Any permissioned group of ledger stewards are, by definition, in collusion, which is idealistically bad, but practically good.

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