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Full Title or Meme

Using social connections to acquired digital credentials.



  • This is perhaps the only Vulnerability that can and must be addressed by better user education.
  • Phishing - Avoid Getting Hooked] NIST NCCoE Buzz (2022-06-16)
    Are you looking to protect your enterprise data from phishing? According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), most phishing attempts come by email, while other attacks—including text messages (SMS)—are also on the rise. Awareness of the different types of phishing attacks are key for implementing comprehensive mobile device security. It is important to keep in mind that cybercriminals target a range of vulnerable actors: individuals, small and medium enterprises, and large organizations. Ultimately, any of us could be affected. Phishing attacks are not just limited to laptops or desktops; mobile phones can be the target of phishing attacks as well. The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) has developed guidance to help protect mobile devices from phishing threats. We provide example solution architectures that organizations can use to help improve their information security and privacy. To learn more about how to protect your mobile device from phishing attacks, view our latest short form paper on phishing protection. To learn more about the work we do at the NCCoE, visit our Mobile Device Security web page here.