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From the Wallet.
Bundled set of credentials and user information rom the Wallet.
[[Category: User Agent]]
[[Category: User Agent]]

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Full Title or Meme

This represents a bundle of claims and credentials in a Presentation from a Wallet.


  • This was generated as the high-level view of a Mobile Driver's License Presentation.
  • Wallets are now (9n 2021-07) being asked to accumulate a variety of user private information and credentials. Here-to-fore not common request to a wallet has been proposed.


  1. The human user of a computing device with a means to securely store secrets.
  2. The application running as a User Agent on the computing device with access to a secure, hard-ware enabled wallet containing user credentials and other secrets.


Standards and other guidance have been created for requesting private information from users. There is little coordination between these efforts. A partial list follows:

  1. W3C Verifiable Credentials
  2. OpenID Connect
  4. Open ID SIOP


The following is both a collection and a proposal for a unified solutions to the problems.


Collection of needs sent to the wallet


Bundled set of credentials and user information rom the Wallet.