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Full Title or Meme

This represents a bundle of claims and credentials in a Presentation from a Wallet.


  • This was generated as the high-level view of a Mobile Driver's License Presentation.
  • Wallets are now (9n 2021-07) being asked to accumulate a variety of user private information and credentials. Here-to-fore not common request to a wallet has been proposed.


  1. The human user of a computing device with a means to securely store secrets.
  2. The application running as a User Agent on the computing device with access to a secure, hard-ware enabled wallet containing user credentials and other secrets.
  3. The computing device, whether mobile phone or laptop, will need to provide secure storage and collect user inputs for transmsission in ;hthe bundle to the RP.
  4. The Relying Party aka the Verifier of the bundle sent by the Wallet.


Standards and other guidance have been created for requesting private information from users. There is little coordination between these efforts. A partial list follows:

  1. W3C Verifiable Credentials
  2. OpenID Connect
  4. Open ID SIOP


The following is both a collection and a proposal for a unified solutions to the problems.


Collection of needs sent to the wallet


Bundled set of credentials and user information rom the Wallet.