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Full Title or Meme

Good Public Key Cryptography is dependent on the absolute protection of the Private Key Component of the public/private key pair.


  • The goal of a Private Key is give the user an Authentication factor that can be completely within their control.
  • Should some other method of used data be found beyond the Private Key Component, it is expected that this wiki page should apply to that new technology as well.


  • Protecting one's secret information, in the modern age of computers, has become synonymous with protect a secret key or a Private Key Component of a key pair.
  • This wiki uses the term Credential for any secret held by a device that can be used in authenticating a user. The best know credential (2020) is a well-protected private key component.


  • Governments have been the primary customers for keeping secrets and, so, the primary customers for cryptography.
  • The challenge with providing good secrecy became a challenge to (1) find a good cryptography algorithm and (2) getting the cryptographic key security into the hands of those who need it.


  • NIST SP 800-63-3B established authentication assurance level (AAL) the report on the protection to the users private key components.