Quantum Information Theory

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Full Title or Meme

Quantum Information Theory (QIS) is a further abstraction of a abstract model of real-world physics.


  • QIS was first suggested by Richard Feynman as a means to model the real quantum work of subatomic interactions in Information Theory.

Three Areas of QIS

These area were taken from Hoofnagle and Garfinkel's book[1]

Quantum Sensing

Quantum Communication

See the wiki page on the Quantum Computing Threat to existing cryptography.

Quantum Computing

  • Most closely tracks the original suggest from Richard Feynman in modeling the physical reality of Quantum Mechanics.
  • Note that some would place the Quantum Computing Threat in this category as well. Any taxonomy such as this runs into classification ambiguity.


  1. Chris Jay Hoofnagle and Simson L. Garfinkel, Law and Policy for the Quantum Age Cambridge UP 2022 ISN 9781108793179