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Full Title or Meme

The problem of giving and maintaining a continuing identity for a real-world person on a digital network.


The collection of Use Private Information by a Data Controller now necessitates the ability Authenticate the User under a wide range of challenges, like:

  1. Simplest of all the User needs to Authenticate from time to time and on a variety of devices under less than ideal conditions where passwords are mistyped and Alternate Authentication factors are lost or fail.
  2. More sever Recovery problems occur when the User has lost control of their account and needs it to be reset. The level of Authentication for these situation can be severely taxing to a user desperate for access to their accounts.
  3. When a Authentication factor like an alternate email or phone number is compromised, insecure Recovery methods themselves become a means of attack, especially since factors like phone number were never intended to be secure.[1]




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