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Full Title or Meme

A part of a Web Site that provides access to service or content on the internet.


  • Resources are something typically need to be protecting with Authentication by a Identifier or Attribute Provider - either identity data of your users, or APIs.
  • Every resource has a unique name - and clients use this name to specify to which resources they want to get access to.
  • The Resource will typically use User Information (aka claims) about a user (name, email address, etc.) to enable Persistence, Recovery and Redress for the user.
  • API resources represent functionality a client wants to invoke - typically modelled as Web APIs, but not necessarily.


  • The Resource may require a great deal of protection for a variety of reasons which causes the Web Site to require Authentication with strong Assurance. At the same time the Web Site is under increasing pressure to maintain the Privacy and Security of the User Information.
  • Users have always been a real asset to any business and access that provides user attention to a message is now a commodity to be bought and sold on the internet.