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Full Title or Meme

For the purposes of this wiki, a Resource is that part of a Web Site that provides access to service or content on the internet.


  • While resource can be real-world Entities, in this wiki it will be assumed by default that they are digiial.
  • Resources are something typically need to be protecting with Authentication by a Identifier or Attribute Provider - either identity data of your users, or APIs.
  • Every resource has a unique name - and clients use this name to specify to which resources they want to get access to.
  • The Resource will typically use User Information (aka claims) about a user (name, email address, etc.) to enable Persistence, Recovery and Redress for the user.
  • API resources represent functionality a client wants to invoke - typically modelled as Web APIs, but not necessarily.



  • Resources may have names or Identifiers, on the internet that would be the URI.
  • Resources will have locations, on the internet that would be a URL.