Security Boundary

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Full Title or Meme

An imaginary definable perimeter encompassing all the critical functions in an INFOSEC product and separating them from all other functions within the product.[1]


The Ideal

  • BIBA
  • Bell LaPadula

The Real

Since the very first Trusted Execution Environment in 1961 there has been the desire to place only a part of the Resources of an enterprise in a location that is secure from attack.


All security boundaries have gateways that allow access to the protected Resources. Determination of what accesses are permitted across a boundary is never more than an approximation of an impenetrable boundary.



One interesting note about the Glossary term referenced at NIST. It actually comes from the Committee on National Security Systems - Instructions which is on a site with a DoD level 3 certificate, which is not trusted by any of the major browser vendors.
  1. NIST Glossary