Security Information and Event Management

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Full Name

SIEM = Security Information and Event Management

Originally this term was applied to data collection about the security state and events in an enterprise. It has since broadened to cover pro-active security state determination and remediation of cyber threats as well, although often under a wide variety of different names.


  • Web sites have long kept logs of incoming HTTP traffic to diagnose web site problems.
  • Core functionality of a SIEM includes log management and centralization, security event detection and reporting, and search capabilities.


  1. Wikipedia page on SEIM
  2. Connect to the Intelligent Security Graph using a new API is a Microsoft variant for the Azure cloud current as of 2018-04-17.
  3. Collect and consume log data from your Azure resources


Gartner Magic Quadrant

The companies that were in the visionary half of the 2021 chart were ranked in the following order.

Vendor Cloud AI Location Notes
Exabeam Google user and entity behavior analytics SV CA
IBM QRadar Watson separate division everywhere
Securonix AWS forbes article and AIthority TX & India
Splunk open source comodo is one provider NJ
Rapid7 Erick Galinkin = Principal Artificial Intelligence Researcher SF CA
Logrhythm AWS AIthority Boulder
Gurucul Forbes article LA CA Identity Analytics
Microsoft Azure 1/2 of research budget WA
Sumo Logic multi-cloud SV CA cloud based
Fortnet Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations SV CA

The leader of the field in longevity is ArcSight by Microfocus (after merger from HP) which is rather poorly rated by Gartner. They were the ones who identified the problem for the customer as "too much data" back in 2001. Microfocus targets legacy infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence

The interesting component of the Gartner visionary category is Artificial Intelligence. The extent to which each of those visionary companies embrace AI seems to be the trigger for Gartner's classification. The "Old Man" of SIEM, ArcSight is now owned by a Vulture Capitalist and seems to be focused on quarterly results and not customer needs, even though they had the original insight that their customer's primary concern is that they were unable to handle the flood of data that the event monitoring tools, like Windows Events, were generating.

AIThority seems to have found several SIEM companies to feature, but still published this article SIEM Platforms No Longer Meet Growing Need Of Security Practitioners Facing Emerging Threats 2021-09-03