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Full Title or Meme

A signature on a digital document is designed to show that the document has not be altered and the identity of the key used to make the signature.


  • RSA signing with 3072 bit keys is good enough for TOP SECRET on 2015-08-19, but might not be included in post-quantum cryptography suites.
  • See the wiki page Quantum Computing Threat for current status on post-quantum Cryptography.
  • Curves Supported by OpenSSL can be discovered by keying (there will typically be many more that shown here)
openssl ecparam -list_curves

IETF name NIST name W3C name SSL Description
secp256k1 EcdsaSecp256k1Signature2019 default Koblitz curve 256 bit SEC
secp256r1 P-256 EcdsaSecp256r1Signature2019 default random curve 256 bit SEC SUITE B
secp384r1 P-384 default random curve 386 bit SEC SUITE B -OK for TOP SECRET
secp521r1 P-521 default random curve 521 bit SEC - not worth the extra work
sect283r1 Weierstrass curve 283-bit
brainpoolP256r1 default
brainpoolP384r1 default
brainpoolP521r1 default