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* [https://e-smartsystems.com/ Smart cad Operating Systems.]

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Full Title or Meme

A User Device in the shape of a credit card that contains (at a minimum) a communications channel and secure store and processing with user secrets.




PIV Card

  • The PIV card is the first instantiation of Personal Identity Verification (PIV) user credential used for access to US government resources both digital and physical.
  • Later the concept of Derived Credential was created to extend the capability of PIV into other form factors, such as Smart Phones.
  • FIPS 201-3 Virtual Public Workshop has the notice and recordings of the workshop on migration from PIV-2 to PIV-3.
    Topics include 1) PIV identity proofing and enrollment, 2) PIV card updates and associated authentication mechanisms 3) expansion of PIV credentials/authenticators in the form of Derived PIV credentials, 4) PIV federation as a means for interagency interoperability. Federal Agencies and industry representatives are invited to the virtual event on the Draft FIPS 201-3.