Smart Credentals

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Full Title


  • RP trust of issuers
  • Trust framework for credential issuers
  • Help solve the Nascar and Alien-Tech problems for RPs


  • Smart Credential Provider (“SCP”): The entity that hosts and maintains the Smart Credential Definition and functions as an intermediary providing query and discovery capabilities for Holders, Wallets and RPs. Addressable by *public URL and https certificate.
  • Smart Credential Definition (“SCD”): The definition for a Smart Credential; a name, information about the credential, list of trusted issuers and optionally a list of trusted wallets and other metadata. Together this publishes information about the trust framework for this Smart Credential. The SCD is accessible at the URL of the SCP.
  • Smart Verifiable Credential (“SVC”): A W3C Verifiable Credential which contains a SCP URL within its type array.