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Full Title

Effort to support Smart on FHIR.



Demo EHR servers

App Validation

  • for Epic, Cerner, AllScripts DevDays 2020 June Travis Cummings and N. Scwertener Interopion
  • App Orcard is Epics developer Program. It can cost developers From $2900 per year plus $2000 per app per year up to $30,000 per App per recipient per year.
  • Cerner refuses to tell you how much you will pay until after you complete the app.
  • AllScripts starts will not fee but charges per app. FHIR is free, but their proprietary API costs.

Security Requirements

Security Questionnaire is a challenge.

  1. Security Assessment
  2. EHR Ap submission Questions
  3. HIPAA Covered Entity Security Questions

To pass an app must meet their obligation of protecting a patient's data. Security Specification