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Full Title or Meme

Sovereign states have been identifying their residents as long as history has been kept. Only recently have efforts to provide identification and Privacy together been a specific concern.


This paper is focused on two trends:

  1. The move from card based driver's licenses to smartphone based Mobile Driver's Licenses.
  2. Many sovereign states have been moving in the direction of a single user authentication process for all departments and agencies of the state.


  • Even the landline phone was used for tracking as soon as it became ubiquitous. FBI wiretaps have been know to capture many types of criminal behavior.
  • Smartphones are both incredibly complex and designed specifically to understand where they are as well as how they are being used.


Use Cases

Washington State

ADVANCE NOTICE OF OIL TRANSFER The Advance Notice of Oil Transfer (ANT) system is a web-based application that will capture and administer ANT, required by WAC 173-180-215, WAC 173-184-100, and WAC 173-185-070, which are submitted by oil transferring activities. AESTIVA APPLICATION Purchase order system for the Military Department. AIR QUALITY APPLICATION PORTAL Approval for the Air Quality Application Portal is automatic. If it shows as Pending please cancel the request by clicking the red Remove from my list and confirm by clicking REMOVE. Then re-request the Air Quality Application Portal. AIRCRAFT INTERNET REGISTRATION Annual registration of aircraft operating within the state of Washington. ALL DOR SERVICES All DOR secure services, including Business Licensing and Taxes, reseller permits, Forest, Leasehold, Property, and other taxes and services. APPRENTICE REGISTRATION AND TRACKING SYSTEM Apprenticeship program sponsors authorized for electronic reporting use ARTS to manage apprentice registrations and submit required reporting. AQUATIC MOSQUITO CONTROL PERMIT APPLICATION Aquatic Mosquito Control Permit Application AQUATIC NOXIOUS WEED GENERAL PERMIT National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and State Waste Discharge General Permit. AQUATIC PLANT AND ALGAE MANAGEMENT The Aquatic Pesticide General permit covers the control of aquatic plants and algae in surface waters of Washington State. AQUATIC RESOURCES INTERACTIVE MAP Aquatic Resources Interactive Map AREIS Track properties with potentially elevated levels of lead and arsenic. This application is for internal use only. Public access for TSP is located at: ESP information is not yet publicly available. BACKGROUND CHECK PORTAL Washington State’s portal to request Child Abuse and Neglect history BACKGROUND CHECK PORTAL Washington State's portal to request Child Abuse and Neglect history BACKGROUND CHECK SYSTEM Production Background Check System BEACH MONITORING (2021) Website and database to collect beach sampling event and laboratory analysis of those samples. BEHAVIORAL HEALTH REPORTING SYSTEM Behavioral Health Reporting System BI LAUNCHPAD (WEB INTELLIGENCE) If you require access to the BI Launchpad, please request access to the BI Launchpad under the Office of Financial Management. BI LAUNCHPAD (WEB INTELLIGENCE) Interface to Business Objects Web Intelligence hosted by OFM. Requires SAW account with WA State employee e-mail to access. BOARD OF REGISTRATION FOR PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS AND LAND SURVEYORS BRPELS secure service for professionals and businesses using the DOL professional and business licensing portal. Access for professional licensing for Engineers, Land Surveyors, and more. Contact Engineers for help. BOND USER CLEARINGHOUSE Commerce Bond User Clearinghouse BURN PORTAL Wildfire Smoke Management Application – Burn Portal BUSINESS LICENSING AND TAXES Apply for or renew a business license or endorsement, file and pay excise taxes, access a reseller permit, and manage your business information. CARE COORDINATOR SYSTEM TBD CHADMINPVT Chat admin application maintenance CLAIM & ACCOUNT CENTER Check the status of workers' compensation CLAIMS or employer ACCOUNTS - file employers QUARTERLY REPORTS. CMS SAW CMS SAW COLLISION DATA PORTAL Site for partner agencies to obtain restricted collision data reports from WSDOT COMMERCE CONTRACT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Commerce Contract Management System COMMERCE EXTRANET Commerce Extranet CONSUMER LOAN ONLINE SERVICES Consumer Loan Online Services CPA ONLINE Board of Accountancy's CPAOnline application can only be used through the following browsers: Microsoft Edge Chromium (May have limitations), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari CTS AGENCY SHAREPOINT 2013 CTS Agency SharePoint 2013 CTS SHAREPOINT CTS hosted SharePoint DCS ONLINE Division of Child Support Online Services DDC ITARS OLD DDC Individual Trust Account Records System EAGL Ecology’s Administration of Grants & Loans: Individual SAW Accounts required! EAGL will not function properly with shared SAW accounts. EIM LOADER For clients required by Ecology, upload field and lab data to the Environmental Information Management (EIM) System. Includes Study and Location information and Result (Discrete, Time-Series, Well Water Level) and Bioassay data ELECTRONIC PRODUCT RECYCLING REGISTRATION Registration with the Electronic Product Recycling program is a web-based application that allows manufacturers, collectors, transporters, and processors of electronic products to participate in the Electronic Product Recycling Program. ELECTRONIC TEST ORDER AND REPORTING SYSTEM FOR THE PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORIES Lab Web Portal to process Electronic Test Orders & Results ELEVATOR INVOICE MANAGEMENT Manage and pay outstanding elevator invoices EMPLOYER ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT SERVICES (EAMS) File your unemployment taxes and manage your state unemployment tax account all in one place with EAMS EMS ONLINE CERTIFICATION Allows EMS Personnel to submit online renewal applications and to manage their supervising agencies. Allows Agency Supervisors, County Coordinators, and Medical Program Directors to review and approve renewal applications. ENDOWMENT TRUST FUND SYSTEM Endowment Trust Fund System ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PAYMENT SYSTEM Online payment system for Environmental Public Health invoices and services ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT TRACKING SYSTEM The Environmental Report Tracking System is the WA Department of Ecology’s primary database for tracking reports of unauthorized and/or harmful releases throughout the state. ESCROW AGENT QR Escrow Agent Quarterly Report FILE PROVIDER REPORT OF ACCIDENT Providers can report information on an injured worker's injury or disease, diagnosis and ability to work. A provider can also, if needed, report information from the worker, including description of work injury or occupational disease FILE WORKER REPORT OF ACCIDENT Injured workers can provide information needed to open a worker's compensation claim, including description of work injury or occupational disease FOREST PRACTICES REPORTING Forest Practices Enforcement report (Excel spreadsheet) FOREST PRACTICES REVIEWER PROFILE Forest Practices Reviewer Profile FUEL MIX DISCLOSURE ONLINE Fuel Mix Disclosure Online GRANTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Grants Management System HIGH HAZARD FACILITIES application for High Hazard Facilities HOME CARE REFERRAL REGISTRY Home Care Referral Registry HOUSING TRUST FUND EXIT REPORT SYSTEM Housing Trust Fund Exit Report System IME PROVIDER ime provider INVESTMENT ADVISERS Annual Financial Filings ISOLATED WORKER report isolated workers application LAB ACCREDITATION RENEWAL Lab Accreditation Renewal LEAD-BASED PAINT LICENSING PORTAL Commerce Lead-Based Paint Licensing Portal LIHEAP (ADMINISTRATION ONLY) LIHEAP – This is for Agency Administrators only. For information regarding benefits, Please visit: LOCAL SOURCE CONTROL 2016 Local Source Control for mobile applications LTC GATEWAY Language Testing and Certification Gateway LX FOR INDIVIDUALS AND BUSINESSES DOL's secure services for individuals and businesses through the DOL License eXpress portal. For individuals, access for driver licenses, IDs, and vehicles. For businesses, access for driver and vehicle. MATERIALS EVALUATION PROGRAM Collection of fees for Materials Evaluation at the Materials Lab. MEDICAL EXAMINER'S HANDBOOK CERTIFICATION TEST Passing a test for the Medical Examiner's Handbook is a requirement for certification. MEDICAL MALPRACTICE Medical Malpractice Application MOORING BUOY LICENSE RE-AUTHORIZATION For current license holders to reauthorize their mooring bouy licenses. MY EIM MyEIM offers advanced search and analysis tools for environmental monitoring data. It is suggested for advanced users only. All other EIM functions (search, data submittal, help, etc) can be found on the EIM homepage at MY L&I Access all of L&I's Secure Services from your My L&I Dashboard. MY UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE TAX (NEW EAMS SINGLES) File your unemployment taxes and manage your state unemployment tax account all in one place. NEWBORN SCREENING SECURE REMOTE VIEWER (SRV) View and download newborn screening results for infants screened in Washington State. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Participants enrolled in best practices programs have access to view claim-related information, complete care coordination activities, and view performance reports OCVA INFONET OCVA Infonet OFM APPLICATION PORTAL OFM application Portal OLD (LEGACY) SYSTEM: SECURE EMAILS Access secure emails in our old (legacy) system OLD FOREST PRACTICES APPLICATION REVIEW SYSTEM (OLD) The Forest Practices Application Review System(FPARS) streamlines the processing of Forest Practices Applications and improves the public's ability to review proposed forest activities. GIS AFS. OLD FOREST PRACTICES REVIEWER PROFILE OLD Forest Practices Reviewer Profile ONE WASHINGTON PR One Washington is a comprehensive business transformation program to modernize and improve aging administrative systems and related business processes that are common across state government. ONLINE APPLICATION PORTAL Online Applications for Healthcare Provider and Healthcare Facility Credentials. ONLINE CLCF AND COLLISION VIEWER Online county location coding form OURKIDS OurKids provides information to foster parents and relative caregivers on children placed in their care. There is no information or access for Early Learning providers. PAID FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE (PFML) Paid Family Medical Leave Program access for employees and employers PAYMENT SERVICES Payment Services for Division of Child Support and the Office of Financial Recovery PCHEES The Public Centralized Higher Education Enrollment System (PCHEES) is an application used by the six Washington public universities and college to provide educational data to OFM. Access to the application requires authorization. PCHEES TRAINING SITE PCHEES Training Site PDC ELECTRONIC FILING The PDC provides electronic filing for campaign registration and financial affairs disclosure. PLANVIEW Planview PMP Prescription Monitoring Program PREFERRED WORKER Keep injured workers working. Get reimbursed for 50% wages and some expenses. PREVAILING WAGES-WAGE UPDATE SERVICE Updating prevailing wages and apprentice wages PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS LICENSING DOL's new secure service for professionals and businesses through the DOL professional and business licensing portal. Access for professional licensing for Notaries, Architects, Engineers, and more. PROGRAMMATIC BIOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT Biological Assessment Documentation and Reporting System PROPERTY TAX: APPRAISER ACCREDITATION STATUS For appraisers, check your accreditation status PROPERTY TAX: NON-PROFIT PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION For non-profit organizations, renew annual property tax exemption PROVIDER ENTRY PORTAL Provider Entry Portal PROVIDER ENTRY PORTAL Provider Entry Portal PROVIDER EXPRESS BILLING Allows for the upload of billing files in a legacy or HIPAA format. Also allows for the download of Remittance Advice, 997, and TA1 transactions. PWB LOANS PWB Loans Tracking RELOCATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Relocation Assistance Program REPORT BROKER 4.0 PROD Report Broker 4.0 prod REPORT PORTAL If you require access to the Report Portal, please request access to the Report Portal under the Office of Financial Management. REPORT PORTAL Access to standard reports supported by the BI team at OFM. Requires SAW account with WA State employee e-mail to access. SAO ONLINE SERVICES Online services for the Washington State Auditor's Office SEBB MY ACCOUNT SEBB My Account SELF-INSURANCE CLAIMS ADMINISTRATORS TRACKING SYSTEM SI-CATS is the self-insurance claims administrator testing and continuing education system SEPA RECORD SUBMITTAL SEPA Record Submittal portal allows lead agencies to create a SEPA register record for a proposal and upload associated SEPA documents. SHELLFISH EXPORT CERTIFICATION APPLICATION Shellfish Export Certification Application STAY AT WORK Keep injured workers on light duty. Get reimbursed for 50% wages and some expenses. STIP Statewide Transportation Improvement Program TCP EXTERNAL DOCUMENT SUBMITTAL Allow external constituents to upload fillable PDF forms that will be scraped and the data saved to a database. TIER TWO ONLINE An application to submit an annual Tier Two - Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory report to the Washington State Emergency Response Commission. TRANSFER OF CARE FOR CLAIMANT Transfer of Care for Claimant TRANSFER OF CARE FOR PROVIDER Transfer of Care for Provider TURBOPLAN V2 (POLLUTION PREVENTION PLAN) TurboPlan (Pollution Prevention Plan) HWTR TURBOWASTE An application to submit dangerous waste annual reports and notifications. UCC TEST UCC Test WA SOLID WASTE AND BIOSOLIDS ANNUAL REPORTS WA Solid Waste And Biosolids Annual Reports WALT Washington loan tracking system WASHINGTON CONNECTION Washington Connection WASHINGTON TOOL FOR ONLINE RATING (WATOR) A tool to assist or complete the submission of a wetland rating. WASTEWATER OPERATOR CERTIFICATION Operator Certification WATER QUALITY PERMITTING PORTAL (WQWEBPORTAL)) The WQWebPortal is the one stop site for all electronic Water Quality permit submissions including: applying for general permits and Certificate of No Exposure. WATER QUALITY UNDERGROUND INJECTION CONTROL APPLICATION An Underground Injection Control (UIC) well is a man made structure used to put water and other fluids into the ground. This application is used to register your UIC well with the Department of Ecology. WATER RECREATION Water Recreation WATER RIGHT TRACKING SYSTEM Water Right Tracking System WATER TYPE MODIFICATION FORM OFFICIAL WATER TYPE MODIFICATION REVIEWERS ONLY to provide concurrence feedback. For others, use the search at for water type modifications associated with Forest Practice Applications. WATERWORKS OPERATOR CERTIFICATION Drinking Water Operator Certification Online Exam Application and Upgrades WEATHERIZATION (WIDS) Weatherization Information Data System (WIDS)[Commerce Community Services and Housing Weatherization] WELL CONSTRUCTION Well Construction WHM FIELD FORMS Electronic field forms for Watershed Health Monitoring field collection. WORKSOURCEWA Search Washington jobs and talent on the state's premiere employment website. You'll also find career-planning tools, training information, economic data, business resources and more. WSDOT ECM PORTAL Authorized access only to Short Duration Counts, Access & Hearing, & GeoTech. WSGC SAW MY ACCOUNT WSGC My Account hosted under SAW, which permits various licensing and reporting activities to be don online by our clients. Welcome! XENA/EMGIS VIEWER Web viewer for DSHS's Emergency Management Geographic Information System for emergency planners, responders, and agency partners. The system finds providers and/or vulnerable clients within a user-specified area. YOUR WAGE HISTORY Look up and print your past wages or a record of no wages